It's biology ... stupid!

It's biology ... stupid!

Do you ever have the feeling that you can see technology changing around you – and you see it accelerating? You see the impact on society of this or that new gadget, of a new framework or new model before others can see it and everything is just SO interesting, SO laden with consequences that you want to talk about it SO badly.

But yet, nobody seems to see or care!

The great majority of people do not understand what is happening, preferring to watch television and chase old, outdated and impossible dreams.

Since technology is faster than biology, we humans need generations to adapt; young people can adapt and thrive much better than older people. But biology is what drives the adoption of technology. A new piece of software can be really great, but if a critical mass of people do not use it, it will not change the world around you in a meaningful way.

It will take many years for our societies to adapt to the technologies that we can see around us today. That's frustrating. You see the possibilities, but biology is driving the car!