Politicians do not get the Internet

Politicians do not get the Internet

The average age of Italian politicians is one of the highest in the world. Regardless of their background, either on the left or on the right, Italian politicians have been trying to "regulate" the Internet for a while now. Their latest proposal is to oblige any site or blog owner to register their site if they generically provide information. The registration would be done through a government agency adding more bureaucracy to a country that has so much of it that could export it, were there countries crazy enough to adopt the Italian system. The legislation draft, approved by the government, is so vague that even personal blogs would be included!

These politicians are the same ones that cry in outrage when the Chinese government limits access to the Internet, BTW.

If you understand Italian, here is an article from an Italian paper, and here is the video explanation of an Italian lawyer who is part of an underground movement; these guys use the Internet to inform the Italian people about what is really happening, something that should be done by the mainstream media, which is heavily controlled by politicians and the likes, unfortunately.

The Internet, in the long run, will help Italians get a better quality of information.