40 miles

40 miles

The last 2 weeks in the Bay Area have been really productive. The quality and quantity of people that I met is really impressive.

I like technology, so I guess that's the place where it makes sense to be for me. The reality, though, is that it is not just about technology, but also about vision and being able to discuss about the future without limits, either cultural, ideological, or you name it. Not everybody here is this way, but some are, and that's what counts in the end.

At a party yesterday, I talked to a film producer, who is not in technology, but was very interested in how Biology and AI are evolving; I could tell that he is knowledgeable and he wanted to know more.

Tomorrow I'll be in Stanford again to talk to a Biology Professor, who is working on bio-mechanical devices and the likes.

I like the Bay Area, the only problem are cars. I traveled on average 40 miles per day since I have been here. I hate cars, I feel like a slave when I drive a car. It does not give the "freedom feeling" that others have. I just use a bike in Milan :-)